Paolo Bazzica was born in Italy in 1968. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Rome University “La Sapienza” and an MBA in Enterprise engineering from Rome University “Tor Vergata”, Italy. His career at Ericsson started in 1998 when he joined the team that enabled the launch of WIND Italy, tehe first operator in the world to use Ericsson Charging solution. Since then he covered various roles both in IT and in Managed Services, including a two year period of assignment in Sweden within Revenue Management development unit. In January 2014 Paolo took on the position as head of Engagement Practice OSS and BSS for Region Mediterranean. When not at work or connected to work Paolo enjoys to study innovation process management with a particular intrest in TRIZ, epistemology & non-linear effects of changes in society and teams, following the work of R. Kurzweil and N. Taleb in the area . He is married with 2 sons.

Presentations by Paolo Bazzica:

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